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Wadebridge, Cornwall

Williams Dairy

Offering quality cream since 1900

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Trevilling farm is the home of Williams Dairy and the delicious Williams clotted cream. Williams Dairy, situated near the West Country town of Wadebridge , on the north coast of Cornwall, was established in the early 1940's by Alex and Maude Penalligan. 

Their daughter, Lucy, carried on the tradition with her husband Jack Williams. Clarence, their son, started working for his mother, marrying June in 1968 and the two of them continue the high standard of clotted cream making to this day and are very proud of still retaining an original invoice from August 1950. 

"Our passion for clotted cream led us to develop today's creamery and the fleet of refrigerated trucks makes it possible for us to deliver to every corner of north west Cornwall."

People in the area, who appreciate premium quality food can find Williams Clotted Cream, bursting with all the flavours of our countryside, in grocers, hotels and restaurants throughout the area and yet can still rest assured that every mouthful can be traced back to the milk of a single herd, on a single farm. 

Part of Williams Dairy's philosophy practised by us, is to start with the best ingredients in the field, handle it to the highest standards in clotted cream making and use expertise to create a clotted cream of perfection. 

Once you've purchased our clotted cream, we're sure you'll want more. 
There are many more products which we deliver together with our own brand of clotted cream.